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ESD or Standard


120 Kg


850 mm


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Inside an electronic lab there’s always the need for a solid support to place even the heaviest tools on, useful for all kind of technicians. If said support can easily be moved, even better. Our KART trolleys have a solid and sturdy metal laminate structure, features that allow it to have a load capacity greater than 120kg. The modularity of the KART line allows a continuous evolution of the product based on the needs that the company may have.

Revolves around you

The 360 ° pivoting wheels, two of which with brakes, allow the trolley to move easily on flat surfaces and, at any chosen moment, be locked into position thanks to the brakes.

Protect your gear

The KART trolley is total ESD-SAFE, meaning it complies with IEC 61340-5-1 standards. The synergy between the static dissipative epoxy powder paint and the conductive rubber wheels allow the trolley to discharge electrostatic charges present on its surface to the ground safely.

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