ESD-SAFE self-locking tile

47 m² available (can be backordered)

54,52  IVA Escl.

Sconto: 6%

Code 21220 Line

Technical Details


How to create an ESD floor?
Self-locking conductive tiles, for the creation of ESD flooring suitable for high traffic areas such as hospitals, electronics companies, offices, laboratories and where it is necessary to guarantee protection from electrostatic accumulations.

Colour: white 480

Technical features:

Format Self-laying plates
Tile size: 48×48 cm
Thickness: 3.0mm
Weight: aprox. 4.5 kg / m^2
Embossed Surface: EC (Easy Clean)
Reaction to fire: Bfl-S1
Slipperiness (EN 13893): Class DS
Electrical resistance (IEC 61340): R = 106 Ohm
Resistance to earth (RTG): R = 106 Ohm
Hardness (DIN 53505): 94 Shore A
Wear resistance (EN 660): 2 mg / 1.5 mm^3
Residual imprint (EN 433): 0.04 mm
The price indicated is for 1 square metre
One square metre is covered with 4 self-locking tiles.

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