External suction thermosealer


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Vacuum thermosealer for packing electronic components and boards sensitive to humidity, ESDs and magnetic interferences. With these ecnomic and flexible machines it is possible to close bags of every length. Based on the chosen model its functioning varies from manual to motorised and the degree of vacuum can be either visually checked by the operator or set. Air is forcefully removed from the opening of the bag. It is highly suggested to use appropriate bags, with suction canals, or the bag opening can be offset in order to re-create them. Electronic control, the modern and efficient concept of the vacuum pump and two sealing bars grant a great vacuuming and sealing of heavy bags too.

  • Sealing bars: 2×450 mm
  • Sealing temperature: 180°C
  • Structure: stainless steel
  • Power supply: 230 V
  • Maximum vacuum: 90%

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Manual, Motorised

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7914.340, 7914.345

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