NANE-2C JBC nano soldering station

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Technical Details


NANE-2C Nano Soldering station with double NANO-HANDLES NT115-A
The best solution for soldering very small-sized components requiring the highest precision such as  0402, 0201, 01005 chips etc. It works simultaneously with two NT115 Nano Handles.
The short distance from the tip to the handle offers maximum control even when using a microscope. It works with JBC exclusive heating system and the intelligent sleep & hibernation modes. It features all the excellent range benefits and an easy-to-use menu which helps you monitor work in real time: graphics, partial counters, tool port monitoring, etc.
Cartridges included: C115101 x1 – C115103 x1 – C115105 x1- C115107 x1 – C115112 x1 – C115113 x1.

  • Selectable Temperature: from 90 to 450 ºC / from 190 to 840 ºF
  • Pedal (x1 per tool): Connect a pedal (ref.P-405) to control the tools. It allows using Nano tweezers for soldering.
  • USB-B (rear): Software PC / Traceability
  • USB-A (front): Firmware update Soldering Graphics management
  • Robot: RS-232 remote control or Smart Fume Extractor connection.
  • Tip to ground resistance: < 2 ohms
  • Tip to ground voltage: < 2 mV RMS
  • Peak power: 14 W per tool – 8.5 V
  • Ambient operating temp: from 10 to 50 ºC / from 50 to 120 ºF

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