Stylus support with cartridges holder and tip cleanr

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Technical Details


The ADS support only works with T210 o T245 cartridges and with DIU, DDU e DMU stations.

Smart heat management automatically registers the tool in the support and lowers the cartridge’s temperature below soldering range. Hibernation interrupts power, preventing oxidation and increasing the cartridge’s life span up to 5 times.
The support includes a Tip Cleaner with brass wool, a splashguard with a membrane in order to keep a clean work area from soldering residues.
The Quick Cartridge Exchanger allows a safe, easy and quick cartridge swap, allowing up to 4 cartridges within reach (including the one in use).

The tool’s position is easily adjustable to ones needs and the cableholder has been designed to perfectly adapt movements and to keep cables away from the work area.

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