Test station for earthing the bracelet and shoes – WRISTLAB-PRO with platform

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Technical Details


Normally in the test stations for the correct footwear and bracelets there are four types of measurement:

WRISTSTRAP bracelet only
FOOTWEAR only footwear
HANDS FREE hands-free.
WRISTLAB PRO introduces an additional measurement mode called HANDS FREE PLUS (HF +).
In the HF + measurement, the operator initially tests the footwear in Hands Free mode and then decides whether to get off the platform and end the test or insert the bracelet connector and touch the touchplate in order to make a bracelet and footwear type measurement, where the value of the shoes is indicated individually and no longer by the total of the two.

The Wristlab-Pro is the tool for the simultaneous verification of the correct earthing of the bracelet and shoes in accordance with the IEC 61340-5-1 standard.

The wall anchoring by means of magnetic feet, which allow quick release from the station, and the possibility of internal power supply with a 9V battery (not included), make the instrument portable and easy to calibrate.

Measuring range:

bracelet: 50KOhm to 2GOhm
footwear: 50KOhm to 2GOhm
footwear in series (Hands Free mode): 50KOhm to 2GOhm
Tolerance of limits: 10%
Measurement voltage: 50V / 100V
Humidity range: 1 to 95% RH
Accuracy: 2% RH
Temperature range: -20 to + 60C
External power supply with AC adapter included
Weight: 430g

Wristlab PRO


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